Some of you have asked about the use of alcohol baths for the treatment of fever. For a couple of reasons, this practice ia not a good one!

For one, alcohol acts to cause the sensation of cool skin, while the inside of the body is still feverish. As a result, alcohol baths may result in excessive shivering. Shivering is an activity of the body that may, in some instances, actually increase the body temperature - rather than decrease it as you desire.

Secondly, alcohol can be toxic. Alcohol overdose and coma in kids have occurred from parents' misguided efforts to reduce fever with alcohol baths. The alcohol can absorb through the skin and be inhaled, to the point of reaching very high levels of blood alcohol, which could lead to vomiting or even coma. It makes little sense to use alcohol baths for the treatment of fever!

We recommend you wrap the child in a lukewarm water towel for 5 minutes only. Dry the child off and dress the child in loose clothing. Wait 30 minutes. If fever has not dropped, repeat above again. Of course, the usual medicines - Children's Motrin, Tylenol or ibuprofen - work well. You ill should also avoid overbundling or overdressing your child - it holds heat in when you do so!